Terms of Service

There's a few simple terms that we at bitZino would like to make sure you and us both agree upon. Please read them below, and if you don't agree to any of them, don't use our service. (But we'd love to hear what you don't agree with!). We do reserve the right to make changes to these terms by posting them here. If you have any questions or concerns about these terms, feel free to drop us a note by going to https://bitzino.com/support.

Your Personal Information: We will never give out any personal information you provide us, period. All information you provide will be used solely to operate the bitZino service.

Limitation of Liability: You acknowledge that the bitZino service allows you to gamble with the virtual currency known as bitcoin. Therefore, during the normal course of using the service, you may lose some or all of the bitcoins you deposit. Under no circumstances will we be liable for any of your losses.

Malfunctions: In the event that a game malfunctions, all gameplay during the malfunction period will be void.

Fair play: We won't cheat you, and we expect you to extend the same courtesy to us. If you are found to be cheating at any of our games, your account will be closed, and your funds confiscated. Cheating includes, but is not limited to, hacking our servers to gain inside knowledge, abusing our random number generator, or colluding with any of our agents. We'd like to clarify that playing the game strategically and intelligently is fine with us; we do not consider card counting to be cheating.

Withdrawals: If your winnings exceed 500 BTC, we reserve the right to send your winnings to you in increments of 500 BTC every 14 days.

Inactive Accounts: We can't keep inactive accounts around forever. Therefore, we reserve the right to shut down inactive accounts and relinquish their funds. As long as you log in at least once every 6 months, your account will remain active. We may keep your account active longer as well. Before shutting down an inactive account, we will attempt to use whatever information you've provided us to contact you and try to return whatever funds are in it.

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