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50 Million Hands

September 4, 2014

Since launching over two years ago, we've now seen over 50 million real bitcoin wagers placed on bitZino! We're like to thank all our players for their support over the years. Here's to another 50 million hands!

Three Card Poker

May 11, 2013

Today we're adding yet another game to our lineup: 3 Card Poker! We invite you to ante up and see if you can beat the dealer in this fast-pased variation on poker.

And as always, like all games on bitZino, our 3 Card Poker game is provably fair.

10 Million Hands

April 15, 2013

We're excited to announce that we have just surpassed our 10 millionth hand played for real bitcoins on bitZino! We've made some pretty charts outlining the breakdown of all hands played in bitZino, which we encourage you to check out.

In celebration, we're giving away bitcoins! The lucky player that played hand number 10 million has won a 1 BTC prize! All the other players that were actively playing on bitZino during the milestone hand have won a 100 mBTC runner-up prize. We're also giving away 10 mBTC to anyone that was an active real-bitcoin player over the past two days (all 300 of you!). Check your deposit page to see if you're one of the lucky winners!


March 13, 2013

We're happy to announce the release of yet another game: Slots! We invite you to come try out this silky-smooth HTML5 rendition of classic three-reel slots!

And of course, like all our games, this one is provably fair. For the technically inclined, we've written an article outlining all the nitty-gritty details about how we went about creating provably fair slots.

Enjoy this version of classic three-reel slots, and stay on the lookout for more varieties of slots to come!

Higher Stakes

February 5, 2013

We're raising the limit once again! We have raised the maximum bet limit across most of our games. We are dedicated to making bitZino the place to play for trustworthy high-stakes casino action!

Instant Deposits

January 16, 2013

We're happy to announce that we have re-enabled instant deposits! Note that in certain circimstances, we still may require a single confirmation before crediting your account. Please see your deposit page for more details.

We'd like to extend a huge thanks to retep, Mike Hearn, and the entire bitcoin development team for taking bitcoin security seriously, and for helping bitcoin businesses do the same.

Deposit Confirmations

January 12, 2013

Due to the recently disclosed potential vulnerability in accepting zero-confirmation bitcoin transactions, we are temporarily requiring at least one confirmation for deposits. This means there may be a short delay before your deposit is credited to your account, during which it will be listed as "pending" on your deposit page.

In order to mitigate this, we are also adding support for green addresses. We currently support Mt. Gox and Deepbit green addresses. Just use these services' green address feature when sending us bitcoins, and your coins will be available to start playing instantly!

2012 By the Numbers

January 8, 2013

2012 was an amazing year for bitcoin! We'd like to share some of our numbers which give an insight into just how much bitcoin is growing. Here's to the continued growth, and an amazing 2013!

Raising the Limit

January 5, 2013

We'd like to wish all our players a happy new year! In celebration of the new year, we're raising the maximum bet in all our games. If you want high stakes action, now is the time!

Username and Password Optional

December 23, 2012

We've added support for one-click auto-registration. Now you can register for a new account with just a single click! We'll create a personal login URL for you, no username or password necessary. Give it a try!

More Video Poker Games!

December 11, 2012

We're excited to announce the launch of five new varieties of video poker to our lineup! In addition to the standard Jacks or Better pay table, we now offer:

  • Tens or Better
  • Deuces Wild
  • Bonus Poker
  • Double Bonus Poker
  • Double Double Bonus Poker

Check out the new varieties by clicking on the "More pay tables" button while playing video poker. We hope you enjoy them!

2-Factor Auth

November 7, 2012

We take security very seriously at bitZino. From day-one we have forced all traffic to go over an encrypted HTTPS connection. We store your password using BCrypt hashing. We store your bitcoins in an offline cold-storage wallet.

Today we're stepping up our security even more. We now officially support 2-factor authentication to protect your withdrawals. Check out your options page to set up 2-factor auth on your account!

Gameplay Options

October 26, 2012

Thanks to everyone that has been providing feedback about how to make bitZino a better place to play! We've been listening, and we've added some much requested features.

We now have support for a 4-color deck in Video Poker. We also support faster and slower animations speeds. Check out your options page to try out the new features!


October 3, 2012

We're excited to announce the launch of another provably fair game: Craps!

Our Craps game has the best odds of any Craps game you'll play. It also boasts the slick bitZino UI you've come to know and love. Give it a try, and let us know what you think!


August 30, 2012

It's time we add another game to our lineup: Roulette!

Our single-zero roulette game features a slick and dynamic interface, which makes it fun and easy for you to play. And of course, it's provably fair. Give it a whirl!

250,000 Hands Played

August 6, 2012

We've hit another milestone hand! Since launching, we've seen over a quarter million hands of Blackjack and Video Poker played for real bitcoins!

We're so excited about this milestone that we're giving away bitcoins! We're giving the lucky player that played hand number 250k a payload of 250 c฿! We're also giving all the runner-ups 25 c฿!

Check your deposit page to see if you're one of the winners!

Video Poker

July 21, 2012

We are happy to announce the launch of Video Poker!

Like every one of our games, video poker is provably fair. Every gamble you make at bitZino is and always will be independently verifiable by you.

Server Upgrade

July 13, 2012

You may have noticed things got a little faster around here!

Due to bitZino's popularity, we quickly outgrew the dusty old servers we were originally hosted on. We have just finished an upgrade to a cluster of shiny new dedicated hosts. Enjoy!

Splittin' Aces

July 3, 2012

We've updated our blackjack rules to make them more favorable for you. You can now hit split aces, and even resplit aces!

You asked, we listened!

bitZino is Provably Fair

June 30, 2012

Our games at bitZino have always been fair - now they're provably fair. We utilize cryptography and math to allow you to independently verify every single hand you play at bitZino.

In celebration of this, we've raised the maximum bet in our games to 10฿!

Fifty thousand hands played

June 26, 2012

It's been just two and a half short weeks since bitZino launched, and we've already seen fifty thousand real bitcoin blackjack hands played!

In celebration of this milestone, we're giving away bitcoins! The player that played hand number 50,000 wins 100 c฿, and every player that was close wins 10 c฿! Check your deposit page to see if you're one of the winners!

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